Infidelity—Preventing Its Consequences

How to cope with infidelity.


  • what a shame … when ones extramarital scandalous affairs come to light.

Now more than ever, infidelity has been normalised and the society we live in today is entrenched in toxic masculinity and therefore wants us to believe that because men have testosterone, it is in their genetic make up to cheat. And for the ladies, so long as ones extramarital scandalous affairs come to light, their relationship is as good as done never the less pushing couples to bear the brunt of all this.

With such view in mind, those two statements look and sound as stupid to you as they do to me. No basis; just cruddy and could lead to lots of tears and widely fluctuating emotions.

Around the world, marital unfaithfulness is a common issue. As one source indicates , “between 50 and 75 percent of people have at some point been unfaithful.” This has come at a price, partners crucifying each other in their mirages.
This reflects an immense human tragedy. Some studies link marital unfaithfulness to strained relationships, having independent social circles and activities as well as long and irregular working hours – having no time for the partner.

Infidelity is such a volatile situation that at times healing the mirage tends to become complicated due to pain, shock, fear, agitation, depression, confusion and feelings of an emotional roller coaster for a while.

How about you? Do you yearn for a better balance between work and family life? Are you overcoming difficulties in a strained relationship?
Simply put, if you want to be faithful to your partner , you should at the very least have a strong motivation to do so. How?

Accept your feelings. In these times of severe depression , a prime concern is trying hard to eliminate wicked decisions. This is not always easy especially since we are prone to sin.Consider how much better you will be if you over come it …

To be continued…

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